What is the secret of The Menlove Treasure?

Online serial (2)

The Reader Organisation is excited to announce the beginning of a very special story…

As part of Liverpool City of Readers ‘Give Us 5’ campaign, award-winning author Frank Cottrell-Boyce is donating 5000 words in the form of a totally free online serial story.

Taking inspiration from authors such as Charles Dickens who released their stories a chapter at a time, Frank is releasing his story bit-by-bit.

Chapter One is out today and tells us about Rylan, a young boy keeping a secret from the world, an eccentric old woman pretending to be his nan and the mysterious Park Mansion House where he is staying.

Each month a new chapter will appear online, cumulating in the last chapter being read aloud in December as part of the Penny Readings.

You can follow the adventures as they unfold online at: http://cityofreaders.org/online-serial/

You can also get involved yourself by tagging your Instagram pictures and videos, inspired by the story, to #MLTreasure where they will be posted on the City of Readers website.

Why is Rylan keeping a secret?  What tales will the old Mansion reveal?

And what is The Menlove Treasure?

Click the link to start the adventure. Chapter One – http://cityofreaders.org/online-serial/

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