Featured Poem: Children’s Song by R S Thomas

As this week is Children’s Book Week I chose Children’s Song by R. S. Thomas for this weeks Featured Poem. It is a wonderful poem which is narrated by a child observing an adult, rather than the usual form which is told from an adults point of view. I love how it portrays a great intelligence and observance, a tale of the underrated brain of a child!

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Children’s Song

We live in our own world,
A world that is too small
For you to stoop and enter
Even on hands and knees,
The adult subterfuge.
And though you probe and pry
With analytic eye,
And eavesdrop all our talk
With an amused look,
You cannot find the centre
Where we dance, where we play,
Where life is still asleep
Under the closed flower,
Under the smooth shell
Of eggs in the cupped nest
That mock the faded blue
Of your remoter heaven.

R S Thomas

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  1. Excellent, thank you for sharing this. If anyone reading this likes RS Thomas then you might be interested in facebook.com/groups/22240849843 and/or twitter @RSThomaspoet – share RS Thomas poems, quotes, events, info, Q&A etc…

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