Signs and Wonders

kinder egg
The miraculous chocolate discoveries of the Davis Family continue…

We should have saved this post for National Choc-miracle Day but really, we couldn’t wait!

Once, long ago, as a young teenager, our Founder and Director, Jane Davis, bought on her way to school a Bar Six that had two of its sections (two of six) as solid chocolate. Jane wondered – and ate.

Much later, in 1988, she bought a KitKat that had no biscuit in it – just chocolate all the way through – all four fingers! This KitKat has passed into Jane’s personal mythology (some of you may have heard her speak about it on the international conference circuit).

Now we can reveal the genetic link between Bar Six, KitKat and Kinder and the Davis family. One of Jane’s close family members has now discovered a Kinder Surprise egg with a double shell. Chocolate mysteries, sweet signs and wonders.

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  1. We’re through the looking glass people… My Mum used to work in Jacobs and brought home huge bags of ‘clubs’ too dingy for public consumption- and lots of those were all chocolate. Here’s to dingy clubs and serendipity…

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