Niall and Munroe the Marrow

From Niall Gibney, Community Development Assistant

For the purpose of this blog Marrow has a capital letter because it has feelings. Why am I holding a giant Marrow? Because it was grown on the TRO allotment…Would you like to be able to grow a Marrow like mine? Would you like to know the TRO growth secret?

Shhhh, you can’t tell anyone though it’s a secret – okay, every day at 3.30pm I’ve been sneaking down to the allotment and reading children’s stories to my Marrow. The Marrow laughed as we read Roald Dahl. Oh how we enjoyed our time spent together, the way it playfully looked at me as I read it funny poems about food, the tears it cried as I told it about how all its vegetable friends eventually die by fire or drowning.

Marrow made me promise not to let it end this way for him. I promised, but I lied. Somebody somewhere will eat it up, death by boiling water is the most likely eventuality, it’s sad. One day Marrow we will be together again in Marrow-heaven.

2 thoughts on “Niall and Munroe the Marrow”

  1. Niall, surely Marrow deserves a gentle roasting under a blanket of bechamel sauce & breadcrumbs. A straightforward drowning seems a little severe…?

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