Get Into Reading Group Diary #2: The Rescue Man by Anthony Quinn

Here’s the second installment from Louise Jones’ Get Into Reading group diary.

Extract 2

Baines is a historian who has lately found it difficult to get going with the work he knows he should be doing now as he keeps postponing the inevitable – I know exactly how he feels! ‘I’ll just see what is going on in TV world before writing about The Rescue Man!’

Despite being in his mid-30’s there seems to be no major love aspect to his life which makes Baines think that ‘the fault may lay in himself, a hairline flaw in the structure of his personality.’ I found this statement from the book very appealing as it takes a strong man to admit that faults may lie within his own personality! The statement also fits in with his interest in architecture – a building needs to have strong foundations to be able to overcome the elements of the outside world just like a human being also needs strong foundations to be able to stand up to all that life throws at you.

Baines being unmarried and a bit of a loner makes his uncle and aunt perhaps over welcome any friend he may bring to meet them, petrified he would lost his only friend Jack. In life people tend to interfere in people’s social life, not perhaps realising they may need a helping hand, but on the whole may be quite happy.

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