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In the run-up to the publication of his book on Bernard Malamud Reader editor Philip Davis has been blogging for More Intelligent Life. Here’s a roundup of his provocative and interesting posts over the last few days:

In which I am bored by otherness. A post that will strike a chord with many academics for whom conferences involve sitting through papers that seem to be driven by a need to insert the current buzz-words rather than discussing the real issues.

God’s blog. Reflecting on the unfinished and unpolished and the need to record the glittering fragments that shine through.

I Was Brodsky’s Minder. A highly amusing post about the visit of poet Joseph Brodsky to Liverpool.

Out Loud. On the joy to be had from reading aloud.

Bootstrapping. In his fifth post Philip Davis reflects on the role of the artist and the True Gospel of Otherness.

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