Yours Magazine: The woman leading a quiet reading revolution

“Reading changed my life. It gives you a bit of space; it’s an escape into a place where you can imagine yourself different.”

The Reader’s founder and director Jane Davis speaks to Carole Richardson for Yours Magazine Wonder Women series.

Published Tuesday 18 July. Read the full interview here.

Feeling it: Reading the emotions of others


Discussions on literature and empathy continue to buzz around The Reader HQ following Obama’s sentiments on reading for empathy, our founder and director Jane Davis reflects on how literature can help us connect with others.

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‘To use and not simply deny negative material’: Shared Reading in action

ReadingGroup-50 edit

This month The Reader features in The Psychologist magazine. CRILS’ Philip Davis discusses Literature in performance, psychology in action.

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Michael Rosen’s We’re Going on a Bear Hunt experience launches in Liverpool


We went on a bear hunt! And what a beautiful day it was!

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Adele Geras: A Little, Aloud for Children

At The Reader Organisation we are firm believers in the magic of reading aloud, and it’s nice to know that other people agree with us. In this lovely review of A Little Aloud for Children, acclaimed author Adele Geras urges readers – young and old – to harness their inner child and discover the delights that await within the pages.

In particular, Adele comments on the great selection of poetry in the anthology, as well as the combination of contemporary and older pieces.  book. She notes that reading aloud can be relaxing and stimulating, providing both comfort and excitement all in one go, for adults and children alike.

As Adele says, “We all like to hear a story”, and A Little, Aloud for Children has plenty of them! You can buy your copy here and in all good book shops. Don’t forget to tell us which is your favourite and who you’re reading it with – we love to hear from you.




Tall Tales and Little Angels!

Staff from The Reader Organisation had a fantastic afternoon yesterday, hosting the event ‘Tall Tales for Little Children’ at BBC Radio Merseyside, which brought A Little, Aloud for Children to life for some local youngsters and their carers.

The event kicked-off with a brilliant reading of the ever-popular extract from Frank Cottrell Boyce’s hilarious novel Cosmic, by the equally popular Radio Merseyside presenter Roger Phillips.

TRO and ‘Uncle Roger’ get the fun started at the BBC Radio Merseyside studios yesterday, with some readings from ‘A Little, Aloud for Children’

 After a couple of delightful readings of poems from the anthology by TRO project workers, and with imaginations fired-up, it was time to get stuck-into some creative and crafty activities…

First-up was the chance to make and decorate some beautiful 3D angels, inspired by the poem ‘Angels’ by Jan Dean featured in the anthology.

Jessica proudly displays her fab-looking angel…
Sunny and his brother Noah showed us that angels aren’t just for girls, with their brilliant ‘boy angel’ and ‘bat angel’!

In the second activity, ‘Weird Words’, everybody got to be a poet for the afternoon: we penned our own very imaginative verses and stories using words taken from all of the poems featured in the anthology.

Creative hats firmly on, everyone is deep in concentration with their ‘Weird Words’

We ended the event by reading-out some of the more imaginative creations by our budding poets, and here’s  just a taste of what we came up with …

‘An Anaconda the size of a tower’?!! Yikes.

It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon, and everybody had a great time – so a big thank you to BBC Radio Merseyside and Up For Arts for inviting us to some along and giving us the space to run such a fun event.

Daisy (or is it Minnie?!) gets carried away with ‘A Little, Aloud for Children’ …

Tall Tales for Little Children

A Little, Aloud for Children has become a radio star in its own right over the past 2 weeks, as BBC Radio Merseyside has provided numerous slots on their airwaves for the book to make an appearance.

All of these guest appearances have been a part of the promotion for the event ‘Tall Tales for Little Children’, which The Reader Organisation is running in association with Up For Arts at the BBC Radio Merseyside studios.

Here are just two of our starring radio roles from the past week:

  1. Anna Fleming, a young person’s project worker, appears on Breakfast with Lee Bennion (at 1 hour 50 mins in), accompanied by Sophie and Ariadne – two of the young people from Merseyside she reads with every week.
  2. Myself and two of the Graphic Arts students from Liverpool John Moores University who provided illustrations for the book – Rheannon Ormond and Carolina Feng Chen – appeared on air yesterday for an interview with Roger Lyon on his early morning show (at 2 hours 25).

This Thursday, 30th August, TRO will take-over the performance space at the Hanover Street studio for a fantastic family-friendly event involving shared readings from A Little, Aloud for Children, and the chance to get involved in some creative, fun (and potentially messy!) crafts and activities. Tall Tales for Little Children will run from 2-4pm, and you can book a place by calling Radio Merseyside’s A-Team on 0151 794 0984.  All children attending must be between the ages of 6-10, and be accompanied by an adult.

For more information, get in touch with Charlotte:

Ready, Set, Go! … A Little, Aloud for Children in the ‘Book Relay’

Last week, A Little, Aloud for Children was spotted in Monmouthshire doing a bit of Olympic-style relay-running, as it was transported around the area in South Wales as part of Monmouthshire Libraries’ ‘Book Relay’. As these pictures display, the book had lots of friendly supporters to help it on it’s way, and some rather intimidating obstacles to overcome! Good to know that each picture can be related to one of the themes from the book, though…

The book begins it’s voyage: ‘Sailing Away’…

This lot are definitely ‘Angels’ on bikes:

‘Be On Your Guard’ around this guy … He’s definitely spotted the attractive red front cover!

… and ending-up with some rather ‘Charming Creatures’.

Phew! What an adventure the book has been on in Wales. Have you been up to anything exciting or unusual with your copy of A Little, Aloud for Children? Read it in any surprising places? Send us your photos – email