Featured Poem: The Call by Charlotte Mew

One thing is very clear at this moment in time: it is cold. Very cold. Extremely cold. Cold enough not just to make your breath visible each time you exhale but to half expect it to freeze over as soon as it hits the atmosphere, creating horizontal icicles from your lips. Wrapping up in lots … Continue reading “Featured Poem: The Call by Charlotte Mew”

Featured Poem: Pleasure by Charlotte Brontë

Over the last 18 months or so, one word has figured heavily in the press, on television screens and in social commentary generally – and that word is recession. Who would have even thought to have put together the words ‘credit’ and ‘crunch’ two or three years back? Now it seems strange to prise them … Continue reading “Featured Poem: Pleasure by Charlotte Brontë”

Liverpool Masterclass: The Feel of Snow in Literature

The White Stuff: The Feel of Snow in Literature Wednesday 28th November, 1-5pm Blackburne House, Liverpool The winter nights are rapidly drawing in upon us, and we’re having to turn up the heating or otherwise wrap up in extra layers to keep ourselves warm. But if there’s one guaranteed way to give yourself a cosy … Continue reading “Liverpool Masterclass: The Feel of Snow in Literature”

November’s Masterclasses

The month of November has not one but two wonderful Masterclasses to brighten up the darker days with the exploration of some hearty, warming literature. Shared Reading Facilitators who have completed Read to Lead can still have the chance to sign up to both of these sessions as we speak. Coming up first, we’re heading … Continue reading “November’s Masterclasses”

Spotlight on Northern Ireland: H’s Story

This is the second in our Spotlight on Northern Ireland series, highlighting The Reader Organisation’s varied activity  in the area. This week, Patricia Canning, our Northern Ireland Project Worker, shares a moment of recognition with one of her readers:  Recently, I read ‘Who Shall Dwell’, by H.C. Neal with a group of ex-prisoners in Belfast. … Continue reading “Spotlight on Northern Ireland: H’s Story”

Featured Poem: I’ll Come When Thou Art Saddest by Emily Bronte

197 years ago this week, Emily Bronte was born in the village of Haworth, Yorkshire. Though best known for her one and only novel – the brooding and wild tale of obsession Wuthering Heights – she also wrote poetry, a selection of which featured alongside others from her sisters Charlotte and Anne and published in … Continue reading “Featured Poem: I’ll Come When Thou Art Saddest by Emily Bronte”

Recommended Reads: Gulliver’s Travels

This week’s Recommended Read comes from our Events and Publications Intern, Michael McGrath, who has been exploring the somewhat forgotten depths of Jonathan Swifts classic, Gulliver’s Travels.   All too often classic tomes are reduced in length and detail as to make them more accessible to the modern imagination.  Those who haven’t read Dickens’s Oliver … Continue reading “Recommended Reads: Gulliver’s Travels”

Featured Poem: Sonnet 29 by William Shakespeare

This week’s Featured Poem comes from Liverpool Hope Reader-in-Residence Charlotte Weber, who talks about the joys of discovering – and sharing – this Shakespearean sonnet… This is not a poem that I have always loved, or even been familiar with. It came to my attention late last year, when I was flicking through The Reader … Continue reading “Featured Poem: Sonnet 29 by William Shakespeare”

Readers of The World: Canada

Time for our fortnightly foray into international literature and reading round the world, as we continue to collate our Readers of the World. Last time we went south but now we’re heading back into Northern territory as Liverpool Hope Reader-in-Residence Charlotte Weber introduces us to what Canada has to offer in the way of great … Continue reading “Readers of The World: Canada”