Featured Poem: Meadowlarks by Sara Teasdale

A small but perfectly formed poem to start the week, we’re reading Sara Teasdale’s Meadowlarks.

If winter’s chill has crept back into your February days this poem should revive the hope of ‘bright new green’ to come with the dawn of spring (which officially starts on March 1). Enjoy Sara Teasdale’s Meadowlarks:


IN the silver light after a storm,
Under dripping boughs of bright new green,
I take the low path to hear the meadowlarks
Alone and high-hearted as if I were a queen.
What have I to fear in life or death
Who have known three things: the kiss in the night,
The white flying joy when a song is born,
And meadowlarks whistling in silver light.

Sara Teasdale

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