Featured Poem: Care-Charming Sleep by John Fletcher

We’ve travelled far back into the annals of time for this week’s Featured Poem, Care-Charming Sleep by John Fletcher.

Born in 1579, Fletcher was a poet and playwright who enjoyed fame akin to his contemporary, William Shakespeare in his day. Fletcher is thought to have collaborated with Shakespeare on the writing of several plays.

Fletcher wrote mostly tragicomedies and comedy of manners; his own life ended tragically in 1625 when he lost his life during the plague.

Care-Charming Sleep

Care-charming Sleep, thou easer of all woes,
Brother to Death, sweetly thyself dispose
On this afflicted prince; fall like a cloud
In gentle showers; give nothing that is loud
Or painful to his slumbers; easy, sweet,
And as a purling stream, thou son of Night,
Pass by his troubled senses; sing his pain,
Like hollow murmuring wind or silver rain;
Into this prince gently, oh gently slide,
And kiss him into slumbers like a bride.

John Fletcher

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