We love the Willoughby Book Club!

Willoughby Book Club 2We’re beginning the task of linings the shelves at Calderstones Mansion House with lots of brilliant books for our new shared reading groups there, and just the other week we began to build our young people’s library through a mammoth donation from the Willoughby Book Club, an independent book gift service run by the ‘Willoughby Book Worms’ Adam and Chloe Pollard.

Based in a tiny village in South Leicestershire, the Willoughby Book Club offers a range of book subscriptions for readers of all ages and interests, tailoring orders to individual reading preferences, allowing recipients to get their hands on books they’re bound to love. Adam and Chloe started the book club as a means of sharing their lifelong passion of great literature and beautifully bound books, and to help encourage and promote the idea of reading for pleasure – something we’re definitely on board with here at The Reader Organisation.

Willoughby Book Club 1Since setting up in 2012, the Willoughby Book Club has gone from strength to strength, partnering with Book Aid International and being featured in The Guardian’s ‘best subscription gifts’ for Christmas 2012. Now we’re delighted that they’re supporting our work at Calderstones by providing us with a donation of just under 100 books to be used in our new young person’s library and our new Saturday morning reading groups for young people aged 8-13 at the Mansion House. The books will certainly be put to good use, inviting young people in the community around Calderstones to read for pleasure and share in the many joys that books bring – a goal that we share with the Willoughby Book Club.

Stay tuned for more from the Willoughby Book Club and Calderstones in the coming months! You can find out more about the book club by visiting the Willoughby Book Club website, Twitter, Facebook page and Tumblr blog.

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