Read to Lead 2013 at Kensington Palace

Read to Lead Open Course: London
Kensington Palace, 25th February, 4th/11th March 2013

It may seem hard to believe, but there are less than six weeks to go to a brand New Year. To get 2013 off to the best start possible, The Reader Organisation is happy to announce an open Read to Lead course for 2013 taking place in London in the wonderful surroundings of Kensington Palace on 25th February, 4th March and 11th March 2013.

A New Year is all about new starts and Read to Lead offers exactly that: the chance to look at and think about reading and literature from a fresh perspective, experiencing the power of shared reading at first hand over three intensive, stimulating and inspiring days.

Read to Lead is the only course which equips you with the skills and understanding of a shared reading facilitator, and the ability to run shared reading groups inspired by The Reader Organisation’s ground-breaking Get Into Reading project. The three day course is just the beginning of an ongoing journey into developing the craft and learning the real value of shared reading for yourself and the people surrounding you.

It’s a wonderful journey; a homecoming of sorts. I really like the motion and experience of something coming to life off the page and becoming real to the hearer in the moment. You change when you hear an  extract or a poem read to you for the first time, everytime – Read to Lead attendee

Make 2013 the year you Read to Lead – for more information on applying for this latest London Open Course, please contact Roisin Hyland, Literary Learning Coordinator, on or call 0151 207 7207.

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