Running Readers: The Santa Dash 2012

In just over two weeks, a 13 strong team of Reader Organisation runners will be donning their Santa suits and dashing across the city of Liverpool on Sunday 2nd December to raise money for The Reader Organisation’s Apprenticeship for Life Campaign.

We’ll be joining 8000 people for the Santa Dash, one of the biggest fun runs in the world, to try and raise a total of £500 towards employing another young care-leaver apprentice and providing them with the means to build a full and independent life. Our two existing apprentices, Eamee and Niall, are among the runners participating this year and they’ll be filling you in on their training, and why we’re running, over the next couple of weeks.

If you’d like to show your support for the campaign and our reading runners, please visit

Now, time to decide whether to run in a red or a blue suit…

5 thoughts on “Running Readers: The Santa Dash 2012”

  1. omg moment !
    is it to late for my fast agile f eet to help out especially as a blue nose would love to give Niall and Eamee some support!!

    I was up till recently in a running club but the boss told me about a fortnight ago that you cant have a club with only 1 person in it ! really the world is full of silly rules !
    huh !
    I am full of excitement now and want to go to Liverpool this second but it is the middle of the night so had better not otherwise the health and safety police may be narked ! and dont think their is any public transport going at this unearthly hour ! most people r asleep ! I dont sleep much as it bores me !

    oh well hope not to late to enter ! and if you say i cant run for you dont matter as really just want to run about as a blue santa ! and so will run by self !

    I am so excited I just cant possibly go to sleep til become a blue santa and then will get in a great excitement =a bout the RED one coming on the 25th if I behave !! ha

    Have no idea what to do with myself it is 2.00 in the morning not that you can tell by all the sense i am sprouting so I suppose should try and get some sleep now that is a joke HO Ho Ho

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