Writing Maps: Inspiring Writers Everywhere

Reading takes us all on many journeys, but if you’re passionate about writing too, then there’s no better place to look for inspiration than in the world around you – and some new guides will point you in just the right direction…

Writing Maps are a new and exciting way to inspire stories, expand and develop work or to create a route for some writerly fun that is sure to surprise. Each special, postcard-size Map is beautifully illustrated and designed, and can be used in a variety of ways on the move and as a handy muse, allowing you to explore the city, the home, your writing and life in general through inspiring and idea-provoking exercises.

The Writing Maps have been devised by writer Shaun Levin, creator of Write Around Town Writing Workshops. Shaun has been running workshops and courses in art galleries, zoos, cemeteries, restaurants, cafes, parks, boats, as well as in more traditional settings, for the past twenty years. Working alongside a wide range of illustrators and graphic designers to create Writing Maps, Shaun is bringing his love of writing outdoors and sharing his inspiration with others.

The Reader Organisation is delighted that Writing Maps are supporting our Apprenticeship: Building Opportunities For Life Programme – at least 5% of their total fundraising goal will go towards creating a life-changing opportunity for a young care-leaver to build an independent and fulfilled life.

Donating to Writing Maps guarantees you a set of the maps, as well as special perks, including a customised writing workshop – and even the chance to get a map named after you. In the space of under a week they’ve already raised over £700 – let’s spread the word and fill the world with writers and readers!

For more information about donating and getting involved, head to the Writing Maps Indiegogo Campaign page, follow Write Around Town on Twitter or like on Facebook.

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