Get Into Reading shortlisted in PrisonerActionNet Awards

We’re very pleased to announce that Get Into Reading has been shortlisted for the PrisonerActionNet Awards 2011. The awards recognise outstanding projects that strengthen prisoners’ and ex-offenders’ sense of personal identity, belonging, independence and relationships with other people. Over 70 high-quality entries were received by Lemos&Crane, co-ordinators of the Awards, so making the shortlist is a real achievement.

Our work in furthering shared reading in prisons and within the Criminal Justice system is expanding, continuing to make a significant and valuable contribution to the process of rehabilitation and reduction in offending amongst group members. Those who attend Get Into Reading groups in prisons, probation and community initatives have been unanimous about the many postive effects shared reading has on their lives – with one man saying that Get Into Reading provided him with “a second chance”.

The winners and finalists will be announced on Tuesday, November 1st.

For more information about the awards, visit the Lemos&Crane website.

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