We did it (the sequel)

Pre-run smiles and excitement
Stretches so strange, the police get involved

Thank you for supporting our Reader Runners! We had a great time on Sunday (and a pretty exhausting one too…). Very big congratulations to Beth Bisbee, who joined one of our teams of Reader Runners and actually won the overall prize for fastest female (21 minutes)! What was the prize? £50 and a trophy. Nice.

However, there was some controversy surrounding two of our team members: one of them being me (as per), the other being Miss Sophie Povey who thinks she beat me. Here is what she had to say (in poetic form, obviously):

Niall thinks he beat me, but I beat Niall

When will he realise that I beat him by a mile?

I was raiding my goody bag whilst he was puffing round

Kissing my winning medal as ‘the winner’ I was crowned.

Sophie crossing the finish line (before Niall?)

Well Niall’s not one to shy away from an 8 Mile style poem battle. Here’s what I replied:

Sophie seems to think her time, outstreches and outshines mine,

I told her that’s way out of line, don’t you know that frauds a crime?”

I breezed around in twenty-five, when Povey labored got twenty-eight.

It doesn’t take a genius, to spot how she was late, yes mate! Thank you, goodbye, I’m ggggggreat! 






So there you have it, we’re all still alive: even Jen who said she was going to read aloud all the way, she actually did (poems from Michael Rosen’s, Quick Let’s Get Out of Here)!  I can personally vouch for that (and well, I’m just as surprised as you!).

Poetry in motion...




We don’t know yet what which of our three teams won – the official results aren’t in yet – we’ll let you know when we do!

A very BIG thank you to all the people who sponsored us to support our work reading with looked-after children. We have currently raised £427.50. if you haven’t had the chance to sponsor us yet (or were waiting for proof that we had done it!), our online sponsorship page is open until the end of next week and we are also waiting on some good old-fashioned paper sponsorship forms, so we’ll let you know the grand total soon.  Thank you all! (We’re all off to rest our muscles now…)




13 thoughts on “We did it (the sequel)”

  1. Well done guys! It was HOT, too.

    I think I have a solution to the Sophie-or-Niall question. Despite standing at the finish line taking photos of you, I can’t remember who came in first, BUT on the camera you’ll be able to find THE ORDER OF THE PICTURES! Evidence! Puts a whole new meaning to photo-finish. Now, who can get to the camera first….

  2. Don’t want to stir things up but how does a Niall Gibney with such heavy looking hair beat a lean Sophie Povey? Just my two cents….

    1. I would like to point you in the direction of this line from my first sonnet:

      “I breezed around in twenty-five, when Povey labored got twenty-eight.”

      25 or 28 I wonder which is faster?

  3. I have to put my ‘two penneth’ (that’s what we say in Yorkshire) in on the side of Sophie Povey, I don’t see a picture of Niall crossing the line, but there’s Sophie in the picture above breezing over it….

    1. I would like to point each naysayer in the direction of the OFFICIAL results located on the wall in the raspberry room and on the door in blueberry room…..

      Anymore naysaying and I’ll be requesting a drug test.

      1. They may be the official results, but everyone else took 2 minutes off their time and I mistakenly took 1 off. But then again, I have crossed it out and put the right time on both results sheets.

        At the end of the day you both did your best and that’s all that counts….*awaits further argument*

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