Happy 40th Birthday Mr Men

Today we wish Mr Grumpy, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr Tickle, Mr Happy, Little Miss Naughty and Mr Messy, and many others, a very happy 40th Birthday!

Mr Tickle first appeared on bookshelves in 1971 and since then an astonishing 120 million Mr Men and Little Miss books have been sold worldwide – an average of one every 2.5 seconds. The average household in the UK owns more than one Mr Men or Little Miss book, with total sales in the UK alone now at more than 75 million. In the last decade Roger Hargreaves became the third best-selling British author, topped only by JK Rowling and Dan Brown.

If your day needs brightening up, it’s worth paying a visit to the Mr Men website and also, The Independent have a video on their site to show you how to draw Mr Grumpy. (I know what I’ll be spending my evening doing…)

So, tell us, who’s your favourite Mr Men or Little Miss?

7 thoughts on “Happy 40th Birthday Mr Men”

  1. I just like this blog post! Favourites: Mr Strong, Mr Grumpy, Mr Happy and Mr Messy (I have 2 of them on a t-shirt and one as a pair of slippers) Sad?

  2. Mr Silly, Mr Messy and Mr Nonsense were the all time favourites for my daughter and I – all those years ago – and don’t ask how many please!

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