The Reader reaches 42 and gets a makeover

It’s bold, it’s fresh, it’s stylish but above all it contains the same great content.

The Reader, reaching 42, has had a bit of a makeover. You’ll be seeing a rainbow of colours coming your way as each issue arrives through your letterbox – making your collection of readers even more stimulating.

Inside this issue, we promised you that a couple of things would be available online, so here they are:

The full interview with A B Yehoshua.

A third poem, ‘Lemons’,  from John Levett.

1 thought on “The Reader reaches 42 and gets a makeover”

  1. i love the day my reader drops through the letterbox…everything is cancelled….well today was my day off actually, so all domestic activity was cancelled, and a sunny day allowed me my ‘research day’ in the sun, read it from cover to cover, and as usual am gutted i have to wait another 3 months for another glorious day like it x

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