Recycling Johnson – Day Two

Having already covered 49 miles in their first 24 hours, day two of Recycling Johnson will see Phil and Sheena cycle a further 42 miles, from Armadale to Sconser on the Isle of Skye. By all accounts, Dr. Johnson’s sojourn in Armadale seems to have been a bit more restful than is likely for this hardy pair. Staying in the home of Sir Alexander MacDonald, Johnson and Boswell were wined, dined and entertained, “according to the ancient usage of the North” – by the bagpipes and a rather grisly story, which I’ll leave to your own discretion to discover. Love them or loathe them, there really is no escaping Scotland’s national instrument north of the border. But I think I’d be prepared to put up with a few bagpipe-d tunes to see some of these stunning views in and around Armadale.

There’s still plenty of time for you to support Phil and Sheena by visiting their charity giving page and donating whatever you can towards Get Into Reading. The total currently stands at a whopping £610 but we’re still hoping to hit the £1000 mark.

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