7 thoughts on “Prof Maryanne Wolf at The Reader Organisation’s Conference”

  1. This was very interesting , but how many of the people who heard this for real had a job and no money worries more and more in society the actual people who should be listening to this kind of thing are not able to because of the root of all evil MONEY , which is actually just metal and paper with heads on ! I know you wont like this but al ways say what I think and in half an hr go OH DEAR ! and ,soon days like this will end up just for the lucky few with a job ! and not worrying about how they are going to heat their home in the winter !

    OH well ! get off my political stool thank GOd for the Internet ! Just for interest at your next conference ask how many people work and evan if do work who paid was it their workplace or out of their own money !!

    I am only saying this because I hear what people say about such events !!!

    Big breath ! and be calm I am sure it was very nice and all enjoyed it !and I do yo like you ! ( MUST ALWAYS end on a nice note oh yeah sorry ! ( BIG SIGH AFTER SAYING ALL THAT !!
    Oh sorry !just to say I know what your reply will be that a day like today raises loads of money for the organisation which is cool but just putting a perspective for the person in the street going now sos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont worry ! I DONT live on the street !

    1. Hi Lou,
      I fully understand what you’re saying and if we could make these things free we would! Conferences cost a lot of money to put on and we can’t afford to cover all those costs ourselves: we work hard to get as much sponsorship as we can to make it as cheap as possible (and we thank all our sponsors for that) but we do realise that it’s not cheap enough. We’re already starting on the sponsorship for next year…

  2. hi Jen througly understand all that and know it sounds as if I am sxxxxxxing you of but not , believe me, I just think it would be interesting to find out hoe many people on benefit etc went , I was not really speaking for myself , as I could quite easily afford it !!!# as believe it or not I am very good with money !!

    A point to worth considering is the wording of the application form as for someone who does not work it can be off putting to be asked
    what is your job ? ans nothing

    what is your organistaion ? ans nothing , I actually started to fill in an aplication form and looked at all the nothingness and thought Give it a miss .
    I understand throughly how much these things cost and in an ideal world would not be having this conversation , oh well thanks !!

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Louise, it’s really useful to have.I’m sorry that you felt like that and we’ll take that into consideration when planning for next year.

  3. Other than that Louise, it was also advertised, as I read it, for professional people only ie those no lower than perhaps a nurse’s role and although I can see that it would have raised more money for The Reader, I also felt it was becoming more of a closed ‘readers day’ affair/format.

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