Sir Alex tells players to get to the library

Over the weekend, libraries found a new supporter- Sir Alex Ferguson Speaking out against Manchester United player’s use of Twitter, he’s said:

There are a million things you can do in your life without that. Get yourself down to the library and read a book.

Sir Alex, would you like to nominate your favourite for Libraries We Love? Perhaps you’d like to sign our petition and support our work with public libraries?

Any suggestions for what Ryan Giggs should read?

(Strawberries, now football, whatever next on our blog…)

Update 25/05/11: Sir Alex has today been announced Manager of the Year. He’d get my vote after his supporting words about libraries (not that it would count, I think you need to be a league manager to be able to nominate someone).

3 thoughts on “Sir Alex tells players to get to the library”

  1. This blog becomes more interesting by the day. Now, Sir Alex can’t compete with the strawberry but he can sure read about strawberries @libraries we love. Also, when he gets mad his nose looks kind of like a strawberry. Coincidence?

    1. Well, I put it down to the celebrity crazed culture we live in Dave. I really hope one of those tweets wasn’t from Ryan ‘the self proclaimed saint’ Giggs

      Anyway back to the great literature!

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