Our Read Meets Chain Read

The rain may have poured but even the weather couldn’t dampen our spirits on Light Night, as we settled down in Brew for our Chain Read of The Unforgotten Coat. Warming ourselves up with steaming cups of tea, our group of Chain Readers took turns reading the story aloud, and it was really interesting to listen to the many different ways in which readers engaged with the story. The big surprise of the night was when Frank himself turned up and read to us! Everyone was so thrilled to meet him and to have the opportunity to ask questions about the book, taking advantage of the chance to get their books signed and photograph taken.

Those who participated had a fantastic time, and many of them loved the concept of the Chain Read, so much so that they were inspired to hold their own! I’m hoping to hear about an epidemic of Chain Reading across Liverpool very soon!

Many thanks to all our Chain Readers for making the night such a success.

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