Reading for Wellbeing Conference Tomorrow!

Both of our American guest speakers for tomorrow’s conference have made it safely across the Atlantic and everybody in The Reader office is really excited that the Reading for Wellbeing Conference is just a day away!

People are dotting the ‘I’s and crossing the ‘T’s, shouting at the printer until it surrenders and works, photocopying handouts, reading over their materials and planning their trip to New Brighton, whether that be via car, bus, train or given the setting next to the Mersey, speedboat. NB We are not aware of any Reader staff owning a speedboat, so please do not pester us for a water-based lift.

Pulitzer and Orange Prize winning author Marilynne Robinson and Tufts University (based in Boston) literacy expert Professor Maryanne Wolf are both recovering from flights, sampling the delights of Liverpool and of course, gearing up for what should be compelling appearances at New Brighton Floral Pavilion.

There will be a variety of workshops at the Conference including a discussion of Professor Wolf’s Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain and Marilynne Robinson will participate in a discussion regarding her novel Home.

As the minutes tick by and the day draws closer everybody just wants the day to begin so we can meet the delegates and provide them with a fascinating day of new and effective ideas and practices involving reading.

In the morning there will be Reader staff at the train station and en route guiding people to the Floral Pavilion. Have a safe trip and hopefully we will see you all tomorrow!

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