William Blake event on Saturday

‘William Blake: Leading Artistic Interpreter of the King James Bible’ with Professor Chris Rowland of Oxford University and readers from The Reader Organisation.

Saturday 9th April, 12-1pm

There are a few tickets remaining for this free event at Liverpool’s magnificent Anglican Cathedral on Saturday.

The lecture takes place on Saturday 9th April, 12-1pm, in the Concert Room of the Anglican Cathedral (St James’ Mount, Liverpool, L1 7AZ).

This is a free event but please book in advance by contacting Dianne Rothwell: 0151 702 7201 / dianne.rothwell@liverpoolcathedral.org.uk

7 thoughts on “William Blake event on Saturday”

  1. I love Liverpool Anglican cathedral but on saturday the yearly summons to the betting shop calls and PONDER on which horse to put my money on as I also adore the Grand National and It takes me hrs to pick a horse {LITERALLY ) although my soul may do better with WILLIAM BLAKE ( BET THAT NEVER CROSSED YOUR MIND )sorry

  2. Louise this happens to be a rather large ‘event’ in our house too – for my husband the Aintree meeting is as exciting as (for me) jumping in the car to race up to Scotland!

    It’s hard when different events collide isn’t it – part of me will be yearning for Blake, accompanied by an ache or two, whilst dutifully participating in Grand National fever.

  3. umm conscience has been pricked and put bet on today as the race is not on til 4ish so can do both but since putting bet on feal YUK ! probably because should have waited til tomorrow cause that is what I always do !!!
    I have great fondess of BLake as my brother got married in the church where Blake set the words of JERUSLEM ! but still but also have great fondness of the National , once I was in the hospital and insisted on then wheeling me down the corridor so could watch the race which incidently my horse won so was well worth the effort !
    THe atmospheric words of Blake are moving but so also can the most famous words in the National “AND THEYRE OFF , just hope my horse does not suffer from amnesia and forgets to jump !

  4. we ll just to say I won on the National !!! yeah although it may be because I cared for my spritual needs by going to the cathdreal first , normally I am one who likes to share but got the distinct impression that a lot of people were looking down on me at supporting such an event but clearly the one up above was not !

  5. Louise congrats! For both events! I won on Grand National also! Didn’t make it to Cathedral unfortunately but will read some Blake at home to compensate.

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed the event. Had it not been for Aintree’s attractions I suspect you might have needed a bigger venue. Thanks to all involved.

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