Frank Cottrell Boyce pens new Chitty Chitty Bang Bang books

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
A new series of books featuring that famous flying car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is being written by Our Read superstar novelist and screen writer, Frank Cottrell Boyce.

The new books will tell the story of a family who get a little more than they bargained for after they soup up their VW camper van with an old racing car engine (I don’t think Jeremy Clarkson is to feature…).

Frank’s said that he has “no idea what made the Flemings think of asking me to write the sequel. I haven’t asked them in case it’s all a case of mistaken identity.”

Frank, it’s ‘cos you’re ace.

3 thoughts on “Frank Cottrell Boyce pens new Chitty Chitty Bang Bang books”

  1. I am a Cover Supervisor @ a Norfolk village Primary Schl (Litcham). I am completely obsessed with VDub Campers and all 90 of the kids @ my schl know it!! We hav loads buzzin bout The Broads.I’ve jus read ur book and am drivin the kids mad with it! Hey, iz there any any chance of u headin this way in ur VDub 2 c me kids? It’d b a dream cum tru 2 them. erm……and me!! Luvvin all u rite xx

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