The Beasts of the Moor

Get Into Reading now has a presence in the South West. Yes, that beautiful part of the world that boasts amazing coastlines, moors, hills, picturesque villages, clotted cream teas! (It’s also where I grew up, so I’m bound to be a little biased…) However, as Zoe and I made our first visit down there to meet up with Project Manager Sarah Hopkins, little did we expect to come across these rather, ermmmm, unusual beasts on the edge of Dartmoor.

(Can anyone who can tell me what they were made of?)

3 thoughts on “The Beasts of the Moor”

  1. I am suffering from shock never cottoned on that you are a southerner but I am a very forgiving person, and maybe ever so slighty biased towards MERSERYSIDE !

  2. I am ‘one of them’ , yes… I’m glad you’ll forgive me.

    The animals were made out of plaster bandage and then painted. Brilliant!

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