A special guest star for the Penny Readings

Today, a very special guest has arrived in town for the Penny Readings:

Which way to St George's Hall?












But the cow is lost, and hasn’t got a name!

We’ll help her get to St. George’s Hall but can you give her a name?


0 thoughts on “A special guest star for the Penny Readings”

  1. A list (sorry for hogging)

    Simon COW-ell


    Yolande Yoghurt Creator

    The Freerange and Organic Animal Maud

    Drum roll……….. J.K COW-ling

  2. This cow has great style – I particularly like her boots. Have a feeling I have seen them somewhere before…

    Moo-ly Scrumptuous?
    Moo-ryl Streep?

    Udderly ridiculous.

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