A Little, Aloud: OUT NOW!

A Little, Aloud (ed. by Angela Macmillan) is available to buy online (from Amazon and Waterstone’s, plus others…), and in bookstores across the UK from today! We hope that the book brings you, and those that you read it aloud with, great enjoyment and treasured moments. Please leave us comments here on our blog telling your stories about who you’ve been reading it with and where – we’d love you to share those special moments with us.

Below are a few photographs from last night’s launch event in Waterstone’s Liverpool ONE. We were joined by Alan Yates (Chief Executive, Mersey Care NHS Trust) who spoke warmly and genuinely about the huge benefits of Get Into Reading both in the trust and for him personally, and Janet Suzman who read two poems from A Little, Aloud and told us how she is having the time of her life directing Antony and Cleopatra at Liverpool’s Playhouse theatre:

Angela Macmillan, Alan Yates, Janet Suzman (reading), Jane Davis (and some low evening sunlight!)
Angela Macmillan reading 'Friendship' from the book
It's really here... and flying off the shelves already!

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  1. A very enjoyable evening and a signed book ! Showed someone today who asked in amazement you are always mixing with high society so their you go Angie!
    The evening varied between being vey moving whe hearing the stories of how reading aloud helps people, spent large amount of the evening nodding my head in agreement to a good banter between ALan and Janet !
    ALthough confessions time I had to ask various people who Janet Suzman was! sorry Janet
    WELL AT LEAST WITH ME , I WILLALWAYS WITH BE HONEST!! found her charming and
    a peasure to listen to !so hope she forgives me !
    Went home very happy although nearly never got to see anything as insisted on sitiing in the cafe and making comments “TRO are very peculiar , they dont evan come to their own dos ,but soon left the coffee and went to the right party with of course the wine and JEN!

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