The Reader Abroad #2

Jane manages to remember a poem and two National Trust workmen get on with a vital bit of pneumatic drilling. It’s Tuesday, so of course the birthplace is shut, but The Reader did find some excellent courgettes…

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  1. WHAT has the National TRUST got against TUESDAYS , I feel very sorry for the day TUESDAY as it is a nothingness day not the begining ,end or evan the begining of the week, it is a day your rarely think about , so why make the day worse, .
    I love courgettes , and they did look tasty,and the weather looked summery,so not all bad then.
    ALthough I would have told the person with the drill to be quiet as filming but obviously Jane and Phil are perhaps slightly more reserved than me as evantually would have gone hysterical and screamed **********!
    OH nearly forgot the poem pretty good to

  2. I got the last line!!!!! So I could find the poem. My You Tube now offers CC but I obviously have not got it – I was thinking of something akin to what I call the ’88’s’ (text on screen). I especially like the title and final line of poem.

    Here is one that struck me a while ago (one that is rather too long to remember)

    You did not come,
    And marching Time drew on, and wore me numb.
    Yet less for loss of your dear presence there
    Than that I thus found lacking in your make
    That high compassion which can overbear
    Reluctance for pure lovingkindness’ sake
    Grieved I, when, as the hope-hour stroked its sum,
    You did not come.

    You love not me,
    And love alone can lend you loyalty;
    -I know and knew it. But, unto the store
    Of human deeds divine in all but name,
    Was it not worth a little hour or more
    To add yet this: Once you, a woman, came
    To soothe a time-torn man; even though it be
    You love not me.

    It bears the mark of Hardy’s shaking and throbbing and reaches deep down to the pressure levels we feel in the words ‘The Self-Unseeing’ because here – he turns back to see for both men and women – do you think?

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