The Nellibobs Returns: 75 Glorious Years!

Nellibobs returns to your screens for 2010 with a Birthday Special in which he tells us what he has learned – mainly how to be stubborn and the pleasures of Su Doku – and talks about chastened pleasures, including Women In Love.

(Don’t forget you can see him in person at next month’s Masterclass.)

0 thoughts on “The Nellibobs Returns: 75 Glorious Years!”

  1. In’t this great stuff! And greeting you first thing on a Tuesday morning (before work patterns set in). I couldn’t quite catch eveything ‘Nellibob’ said and by the ‘glintful’ eyes I suspect it was something more than worth hearing!

    I defy anyone to not want to attend the above Masterclass – ahh I go to work a better person (not absolutely but…nearly)

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