Rudyard Kipling ‘If’ Poem Animation

Heres a virtual movie of the great Rudyard Kipling (1865 – 1936) reading his wonderful, wise, much loved ode to stoicism, the poem ‘If’. The poem is read by the late celebrated British actor Robert Morley. All rights are reserved on this video recording, copyright Jim Clark 2008.

0 thoughts on “Rudyard Kipling ‘If’ Poem Animation”

  1. IF KIPLING had not written this poem the Word IF would be in total oblivion but it does not matter how many times i see or hear IF , the poem stops you in your tracks and makes you think!!
    The word IF TENDS to be used in a glass half empty kind of a way such as IF only the bus was on time I would not have been running late and i would not have been in such a such a rush and fallen over and broken my leg!!
    Kipling has a glass half full as seems to be saying you can change things just by viewing or doing things slightly different as only takes one person to start a revolution such as Jane who started the READER revolution i am to busy as the FOOTIE on later so will leave that for another day
    oh well !I will never tire of hearing IF and that reminds me I will never tire of eating a certain brand of cakes whose name I have forgotten!

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