BA in English Literature and Community Engagement at Bristol University

Bristol University’s English Department is now recruiting for its part-time BA (Hons) in English Literature and Community Engagement for September 2010. This is an undergraduate degree, taught one evening per week (plus occasional Saturdays) over six years.

The degree is the first in this country to combine literary study and community work throughout the programme. Each student will have the opportunity to study a full range of literature in English and also to run a reading group in the community (or at their workplace) as part of their studies.

More information here.

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  1. Fascinating! What a wonderful course!

    I am setting up a branch of the stroke charity, InterAct Reading Service, at Southmead Hospital in Bristol. We send actors into stroke wards to read with stroke patients. Perhaps the English Dept at Bristol might like to get involved? I’ll get in touch.

    I am also launching a local Book Club in West Wilts – focussing on creative approaches to better brain and mind health. I’ve posted about your super organisation on

    And finally, congratulations on the piece on Woman’s Hour today. Really excellent!

    Thank you for this wonderful blog. It is a fabulous resource.

    Best wishes,

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