A Miracle

In the heated theological debate about whether a miracle is a temporary suspension of natural law, or whether Some Higher Power works within nature to create what we perceive as a miracle, The Reader Organisation takes no part. We’re too busy trying to get people reading. But today, during the making of lunch, the matter was unavoidably thrust upon us. Take a look at the picture above. Particularly at the strange, miniature-basketball-like object poised above the latest edition of The Reader magazine. 

Is it a sign? Very possibly. A symbol? Almost certainly. An egg? Oh yes. And it’s spherical. Perfectly spherical.

All good revolutions need their own mythology. The first Reader miracle has, Dickens knows, taken a while to arrive. Now it has, the hermeneutics can begin. Several things, however, are certain: Sonja Sohn’s visit will be an astounding success; England will win the World Cup; and all the peoples of the Earth will put their differences aside and work together to create a better, gentler, more spherical world.

Or we could eat it…

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  1. Mark you were obviously not watching the footie last SATURDAY night if you still think we can win it , NOW that would be the miracles to end all miracles but then again you never know we can all dream!!!

  2. Sorry Damian – we did in fact eat it! (Jane and Niall turned it into a rather miraculous omelette. Mmmm.) But even so, Louise, England are going to win the World Cup!

  3. Has anyone followed up the ‘possibly related posts’ (automatically generated) listed before these posts? This is indeed proof that the internet is as unreliably weird as real life.

    But back to the egg… I wish we had boiled it! Pickled it! Preserved it in aspic! Developed the Reader Round Egg World Cup Museum….anything but eat it… and yet there’s a theological precedent for such eating – its the spirit of the egg that matters, not the form/letter.

    Finally, the round egg has generated more comments than possibly any other posting on the reader blog, which says something.

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