0 thoughts on “A bit of fun (for the girls)”

  1. Seriously light-hearted-

    Aw heck, feeling a bit retro hippyish right now after listening to a taster of Brandon Flowers’ new solo album – can we have him reading a book?

  2. Ok then, I have an idea!! Peace and love to all (well for now anyway- touch of hippyishness coming on). How about TRO handsome lads accompanied by Brandon Flowers’ musical intro to his almost here solo album?

  3. Particularly liked on ‘ hot guys reading books’ the man in church/bistro reading shakespeare with a matching martini – though not even he can compete with our readermen in park picnic readers… look how flaked out all the listeners are… great book too, Russell Hoban’s Mouse and His Child.

  4. I read The Mouse and His Child a long time ago and seem to have lost the book somewhere inbetween moves also ”The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz’ and ‘Kleinzeit’ – all that yellow paper, I’ve got to get back to that one.

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