Sidekicks on Radio 4

Good friend of The Reader Organisation, author and screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce, hosted a programme earlier today on BBC Radio 4 called ‘Sidekicks’. In the programme Frank talks with people who’ve created sidekicks, those who’ve played the parts and those who’ve studied just how essential these charcters really are to making the fiction seem believable and offer a human face to the often inhuman character supposedly at the centre of the show.

You can listen again here.

Out of interest, do you have a favourite sidekick? Mine’s Robin, The Boy Wonder. Where would that big black bat be without him? (I’ve also just found out that you can create your own Batman and Robin comic here.)

0 thoughts on “Sidekicks on Radio 4”

  1. Dr Watson!

    The ordinary man set against the analytical machine that is Holmes.

    The pair of them are just wonderful together.

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