The World’s Youngest Library Member?

He may not be able to read yet but eight hour old Charlie Harris could be entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest person in the world to join a library.

Organisers are deciding whether to award him the title after he joined Halton Lea library at just eight hours old. There is currently no world record for the world’s youngest library member.

Charlie was born at Liverpool Women’s Hospital and one of his first visitors was his grandad, library janitor Noel Harris. Armed with a Bookstart pack to help him on his way Noel got his first grandchild signed up straight away.

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2 thoughts on “The World’s Youngest Library Member?”

    1. I am posting this message on behalf of Deborah Blewitt (

      It’s great new that people are taking up the message that it’s never too young to enjoy books and recognising the value of libraries, so well done Charlie and grandad! However, this is definitely not a world record – our youngest member joined at 2hours 8 minutes old! You can read about her at

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