Penny Readings 2009: What a Night!

Alexei Sayle brought the laughter;

Roger Phillips brought the penguin (his name’s Patrick and he comes with his Aquatic Attaché);

The University of Liverpool Chamber Choir brought the beautiful music;

Jane Davis, host for the evening, brought her enthusiasm to the whole proceedings;

Frank Cottrell Boyce brought his wonderful nativity story from Millions (who was slightly nervous that he had to follow Alexei Sayle and ‘be funny’: “it’s like going on after Led Zepplin and being told to be loud”, but of course, he didn’t fail to make us all laugh);

Mark Carney brought his theremin (it’s okay, we’d never heard of the instrument either – I can tell you now though that it’s amazing!);

Phil Davis brought us to tears in his moving reading from The Christmas Carol;

Georgina Aasgaard (Cellist) brought the rhythm (with the help of the audience, a xylophone and a cello);

The audience brought good cheer, festive spirit and an impressive singing voice!

It was certainly a good time had by all, and those are just a few highlights! In fact, this may have been the best Penny Readings yet – and I haven’t even mentioned the ‘creative’ raffle wheel – the pressure’s on for next year…

Audience Sing Auld Lang Syne
Singing 'Auld Lang Syne'

4 thoughts on “Penny Readings 2009: What a Night!”

  1. Hi Jen , sounds like you all had a blast. I like the way that you have portrayed everyone who attended the event as participants in the whole proceedings: all contributing to the cumulative experience.I’ve just read Lisa’s most recent post and it set me thinking about poems I like to read in the run up to Christmas. This one, by Wendy Cope encapsulates, to me at any rate,what is so special about this time of year: the anticipation of who might turn up, what they might bring etc. I like the way ‘your memories’, and ‘your tears’ are intermingled with the both the commercialism of Christmas and the story of the Nativity . It also kind of links in with your write-up of the Penny Readings – the sense of bringing together. The poem is ‘The Christmas Life’ by Wendy Cope.

  2. Got a little excited myself last night – being one of the ‘participants’ of this years Penny Readings and at 1.47am banged out the following comment on an earlier penny readings post in November –

    “Great night out – listening- thank-you to all involved, it was my ‘first’ and even managed to entice a ‘physics maniac’ to accompany me.

    Jane Davis has a wonderfully animated style – I congratulate her.”

    All things considered (time of comment plus excitment etc) it could have been worse!!

    Yes it was a great evening, my warmest wishes to all who made it so.


  3. Congratulations claire on a brilliant reading enjoyed by all i have spoken to especially the shakespeare group well done, It was a wonderfull night thank you all at the reader

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