Jackanory should go back to roots, says Cribbins

Bernard Cribbins has said that the BBC should restore the central role of storytelling in children’s television by returning Jackanory to its original format. In their recent revival of the show the BBC dropped the traditional format of a narrator reading from a book, favouring episodes that featured CGI graphics. Cribbins, one of the shows original narrators, commented:

I do wish that it could be brought back in the form that it used to be, with someone sitting one-to-one with a camera. It’s like you are talking to your children at bedtime, they look at you and don’t see anything else – they don’t see flashing lights and CGI and all the rest of it.

1 thought on “Jackanory should go back to roots, says Cribbins”

  1. I don’t believe it! This is the story telling Jackanory I used to watch/listen with, at least, my first two children.

    Now, one of those ‘two above’ has a child of her own and she loves story telling one-to-one at bedtime, well, anytime actually! I’m lucky enough to sometimes make the journey up to Scotland to be the ‘story-teller’. Children will always have an imagination of their own and sometimes they will need what Bernard Cribbins comments on as the ‘central role of storytelling’.

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