Dickensian Treasure Trail

Dickens is all around in Liverpool over the next couple of weeks: it’s The Penny Readings on  Sunday 6th December (7pm, St. George’s Hall) with Alexei Sayle, Roger Phillips and Frank Cottrell Boyce (have you been bidding for your ticket on eBay?) and we’ve just heard about a Dickensian treasure trail around the Albert Dock.

The Dickens Treasure Trail is being held on Saturday 12th December from 12 pm to 5pm at the Albert Dock, Liverpool – it’s not what you find it’s what you find out:  there will be a number of Dicken’s inspired characters who will be strolling around the quays helping to signpost the trail and occasionally performing a selection of short readings; there will be singers, and Heartful Dodgers recruited from Rotunda Community Centre – our dodgers give you a present instead of picking your pocket. The boats in the dock will be lit as it grows dark. Father Christmas, aided by his elves and the Snow Queen will be arriving by boat just after lunch. As if that wasn’t enought, mulled wine and mince pies will be given away throughout the day.

Just turn up and join in! For more information please contact the event organisers.

1 thought on “Dickensian Treasure Trail”

  1. La perception des âmes désolées.

    C’est la
    perception des
    âmes désolées,
    et quand le
    tourment descend
    pour décrire
    le portrait d’une
    ombre matinale
    je vois, dans
    la mer, une ombre
    infinie qui rappelle
    la jeunesse.

    Francesco Sinibaldi

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