Anne Rooney at the Royal Literary Fund Read to Lead Training Course

Anne Rooney, who is a children’s author (but does also write stuff for grown-ups), is on our Read to Lead accredited training course at Burton Manor, Cheshire, this week. This course is a bespoke package for a selection of writers that are fellows of the  Royal Literary Fund.  Anne is one of these fellows and she’s written about her first impressions on An Awfully Big Adventure Blog. Here’s an extract:

I hope I manage to get this post uploaded – I’m in the wilds of the Wirral (I think), where I’ve been sent for a week to learn how to read. Huh? Not quite. I’m here with eighteen other past and present RLF (Royal Literary Fund) fellows to become accredited ‘reading facilitators’. The course, run by The Reading Organisation, aims to create a ‘reading revolution’ in the country, getting everyone – really everyone – reading. We’ve only had the Sunday afternoon session so far, so it’s too early to say how it’s going to go.

Read in full here.

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