Event: Ian McMillan Orchestra

The Ian McMillan Orchestra, in association with North End Writers, is performing as part of the Cornerstone Festival on Friday 27th November. The event is being held in the Great Hall, Cornerstone Building at Liverpool HOPE University (entrance is on Haigh Street in Everton – just opposite the Staples building).

The tickets are £8 and £5 and the event will start at 7.30 pm. The number for the box office is 0151 291 3578.

North End Writers would desperately love to buy up some of the tickets themselves to distribute them to the local community in Everton but they do not have the resources to make this possible. So, if you have a rich uncle or know a local firm that would buy ten tickets and donate them to the festival it would be an amazing help! (Please email Pauline Rowe at North End Writers if you know of anyone that may be able to assist.)

2 thoughts on “Event: Ian McMillan Orchestra”

  1. Please note the item published on 20 Nov by Jen – we’re grateful to see it there – but could you change the name please? It is the Ian McMillan Orchestra – NOT Jazz Orchestra – this was an error from the cornerstone website.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Pauline, sorry about the mistake over the name of the orchestra. I’ve amended that on the post for you now. Thanks for letting me know and I hope the event goes well. Jen

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