Forgotten Classics

Radio 4 is launching a new initiative through Open Book and the Classic Serial.

Mariella Frostrup will interview ten top authors on 18th and 25th October. Each author will pitch a classic book that they think has been unjustly neglected. Listeners will be asked to vote, with the winner being dramatised for the Classic Serial. Beyond that, though, Radio 4 are hoping to open up a big conversation about all those books and authors that somehow we’ve forgotten about, but which still provide a thrilling and memorable read.

More information soon on the Open Book website at Radio 4.

So, what forgotten classic do you feel’s been unfairly abandoned?

1 thought on “Forgotten Classics”

  1. Gissing gets far too little attention, as does George Moore. I’d suggest Esther Waters by the latter and Born in Exile by the former. In the area of translation, Maupassant’s Bel-Ami is incredibly contemporary in theme and execution.

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