Reader Lunch and a Very Special Guest

Every Friday lunchtime, all the staff that are in the office here, gather round at 1pm to enjoy good food and good (if not sometimes, strange) chat.

Today, we had a very special guest to lunch: Dame Lorna Muirhead, Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside (who, we discovered, loves poetry – she calls it her “oxygen”).

september 462
From left to right: (Lady) Jen, (Duchess) Jane, (actually a) Dame Lorna, (Sir) Mark, (Lord) Lee

Chris, our Business Manager, had to be sent a way from lunch this week – Dame Lorna’s a retired midwife, previously the President of the Royal College of Midwives – and we felt him too young and innocent to be able to deal with such things.

The rest of us had a fantastic time with Dame Lorna, she’s full of energy and told us all about the wonderful and inspiring aspects her job entails. One of these is that she is the Colonel of her own regiment (the boys are queueing up to carry her sword)! The boys who were present coped well, although they did seem to be left a little stunned by the end…

Uhhh... errmmm...
Uhhh... errmmm...

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