NOW That’s What I Call READING

Following on from last week’s post about Mick Jones’s Rock’n’Roll Library, you might be interested to know that there is also a page (or chapter) of social-networking site Facebook – ‘NOW That’s What I Call READING’ – trying to connect not just people but also the arts of music and literature.

Have you ever thought about your musical taste helping you choose a book to read? For example, if you generally like moody, thoughtful or soulful music you might like to reads books with this tone as well. When you are in the mood for upbeat, happy, dance music maybe you would also read something light-hearted and cheerful.

These reading suggestions are starting points only. We want YOU to contribute ideas, compile your own lists and comment on our selections.

There are book lists, music videos, discussion boards, upcoming events (live music in libraries, etc.) and even a quiz that will recommend a book based on your lifestyle choices (if it’s American Psycho you should probably be very worried…).

So if it looks and sounds like your kind of thing, you can find the group here.

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