Nellibobs’ Friday Night no. 16 ‘A Chicken Down the Chimney’

The Aga Saga – a bit like The Forsyte Saga, only with fewer characters and more carbon monoxide. In this episode, Mr Nellist gets all Sooty and requires a Sweep. All we need now is Syoo…

(Disclaimer: The Reader Organisation in no way advocates or condones the dropping of chickens down chimneys. So stop it.)

2 thoughts on “Nellibobs’ Friday Night no. 16 ‘A Chicken Down the Chimney’”

  1. Merchandising suggestion. Multi purpose Reader ‘beretkerchief’ TM. Ideal for sweeps, swine flu prevention, barbecues and unwelcome “trick or treat” callers. Embossed with Reader logo, comes complete with authentic soot smudges. Available in Black, Blacker and bright yellow. One size fits all. Exclusive to subscribers?

  2. Excellent, Steve! This is the kind of brave entrepreneurial thinking we need. Pushing the elephant, what? If you’re in a position to begin manufacturing, I say go for it. Let’s start with an initial run of, say, half a million and see how we go from there…

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