Nellibobs’ Friday Night no. 12 ‘Paradise Lost’

Yes, he’s back! We’re sorry about the unexplained hiatus. Number of reasons, misplaced camera not least amongst them. But normal service will be resumed this Friday, and to make amends, here’s a special Tuesday bonus…

Following Armando Iannucci’s brilliant documentary on John Milton (still available to watch here on iPlayer, but not for long), Mr Nellist explains why the next thing you do in life should be to read Paradise Lost.

It really isn’t so daunting a prospect. Treat it as something to be bathed in rather than waded through. Genuinely savouring a hundred lines a week is far more worthwhile and rewarding than skim-reading the whole thing in a couple of days – as is being proved by one of our Get Into Reading groups. Read their first progress report here.

Hope you like it, and in the words of Mr Hector, pass it on!

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