Nellibobs’ Friday Night no. 11 ‘Ralph Inveigled Sue…’

You say scone.
I say scone.

You say wrath.
I say wrath.

You say gooseberry.
I say gooseberry.

You say floccinaucinihilipilification.
I say you’re very silly indeed and should be ashamed of yourself.

Let’s call the whole thing Nellibobs’ Friday Night no. 11.

3 thoughts on “Nellibobs’ Friday Night no. 11 ‘Ralph Inveigled Sue…’”

  1. Dear Mr Nellist I beg of you,
    Do not ever call me ‘Siue’!
    And never, never the grandiose ‘Siusan’,
    Because I’m under no illusion,
    That I am aught but common stock,
    Whose pronuciation you may mock,
    But ‘Soo’ I am and ‘Soo’ I’ll be,
    In happy equanimity –
    And if you must then think me rude,
    I’ll happilly be obscure as Jude:
    Complaining long and loud and brash,
    You see, I feel like Johnny Cash,
    That Soo’s a name to be quite relished –
    How would you like to be Breean Nellist?!

  2. Marvelous – thanks. Have viewed the whole “boxed set” in a single sitting. Brian, perhaps a link to is called for?

  3. Steve – glad you enjoyed them! More to come soon. And it’s good to know that viewing them all in one go doesn’t trigger some kind of attack.

    I think a link is more than called for. What a thoroughly noble and worthwhile website.

    Sue – a damn fine effort. But I can’t let you get away with relished/Nellist…

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