Nellibobs’ Friday Night no. 10 ‘Alive and Kicking’

Question: What links dogs, pipe-smoke, Louis MacNeice and a squashed orange football?

Answer: This week’s Nellibobs’ Friday Night, of course!

Mr Nellist proves that he can indeed kick it (the football, that is) and that he doesn’t want to kick it (the pipe-smoking, that is). If you get a kick out of it, please leave us positive feedback and, like a good team-player, pass it on…

2 thoughts on “Nellibobs’ Friday Night no. 10 ‘Alive and Kicking’”

  1. The orange football reminds me of the tangerine in Snow (‘…I peel and portion / A tangerine and spit the pips and feel / The drunkenness of things being various’)

  2. Yes. That’s nice. And intentional, of course…!

    You see, what may sometimes seem like a crude patchwork of random images is actually a skilfully-woven wonderland of echoes and reflections… ‘Where a taxi perhaps will drive in through the bookcase / Whose books are not for reading and past the fire’, etc.

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