Diverse Performs! Launch Event

Monday 27th April 6:00pm @ the unity theatre, Liverpool

A chance to meet, greet, share ideas and help launch…

Diverse Peforms!

With some suprise guest readers and performers… and YOU! Bring a favourite poem or reading or write a Haiku on the night! If you would like to perform at the launch… get in touch:

RSVP – ASAP to Col Farrell (07804 811886)

Diverse performs is a partnership between unity theatre, Clapperboard UK, The Reader Organisation and DiverseMagazine. With the use of unity’s new performance space ‘unity 3′ we need your talent for performance. Whether it be poetry, rap, short stories, comedy, acoustic, singing, drumming or even magic, if it fits the space we would like to show it. The performances can be any length up to 30 minutes and will take place prior to unity shows. Here are the dates:

Thursday 30 April 7:00pm
Friday 15 May 5:00pm
Friday 29 May 7:00pm
Thursday 11 June 7:00pm
Thursday 25 June 7:00pm
Thursday 16 July 7:00pm

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