The Reader’s Online Bookshop

Attention all Amazon customers! You can now donate to The Reader Organisation, for free, every time you buy books or other items from

We have set-up what is known as an ‘aStore’ – The Reader Bookshop – where you can search and shop for Amazon books, music and DVDs as you would on their main site. You get your own virtual Shopping Basket and, when you come to purchase your item(s), you are directed to Amazon’s secure server as usual. But – here’s the thing – because you’ve gone via us, Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase price to The Reader Organisation.
So, tell all your friends!

You could describe the shop as a charming tributary offering the surfer gentle access to the mighty Amazon and its tropical rainforest of books… But we shan’t insist upon it.

Visit The Reader Bookshop now.

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions (polite ones), please contact Mark Till.

Thanks for your support.

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